Hi welcome to our page! We are very excited to bring to you Plant Therapy Essential oils. They are 100% pure essential oils. 100% safe, natural, therapeutic, beneficial, undiluted, free of chemicals and pesticides and the best is, affordable!

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If you have bought and used essential oils before, well this is a place where you can smile and find out about similar high quality, best-in-the-world quality essential much much lower prices! Time to get a big oil case and fill the pockets! We hope that more people can obtain the benefits of these powerful essential oils especially children who are on alternative natural therapies hence we import them to Singapore and sell them at reasonable prices. If you do worry about whether our oils are safe and of therapeutic grade, then yes it is! Therapeutic Grade label is only a marketing name. The real factual classification for the oil standard is that the oils should be 100% pure undiluted essential oils. To ensure a constant high quality standard, every batch of essential oils from Plant Therapy is tested by a third party laboratory using GC/MS testing and in-house testing by their expert. Here is an example of our product, some details and the price.


Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) 10ml   Origin: France  Extraction Method: Steam Distillation SGD $20!

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